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Apptex Designer is a free SharePoint Add-in that's needed by a lot of clients and users, and these clients need special customizations for their sites, so as founders we provide professional & official support service for Apptex Designer.

Customize Templates

We offer the ability to customize current Apptex Designer templates that exist by default, by using the Add-in itself.

Create New Templates

We offer the ability to create new Apptex Designer templates and let users use their creativity and let Apptex Designer style their pages.

SharePoint Themes

The competition in the internet world is so fierce, so you can't rule out the need for a custom SharePoint web design. Our creative web designs will be of great benefit to your business.

Validated Customizations

SharePoint has huge amount of features, you need to be careful with your custom components to have a good performance, we provide validation for SharePoint custom components

Intranet and Internet Websites

We offer the best website transformation layouts that will allow you to style your sites as quickly and easily as possible. You don’t need to touch any code.

24/7 Support

Our professional support team works 24/7 to insure that in case you have any issues; they are taken care of sooner than you might expect..

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Apptex Designer is a SharePoint Add-in that facilitates styling list views

Apptex Designer is a SharePoint Add-in that acts as a framework to facilitate the process of styling your SharePoint pages with minimal effort, it uses SharePoint out of the box functionality for retrieving list items, filters, sorting, and Apptex Designer just styles it, here are some of the templates you can use in Apptex by default:

Sliders & Carousels
Tabs & Panels
Maps & Locations
Grids & List Views
Charts & Dashboards
Testimonial & Quotes
Events and Calendars
Articles & Blogs

Getting Started Video

Apptex Designer is very easy to use, watch the 1 minute video to see it yourself



How Apptex Designer templates would look like in your SharePoint pages


Easy to use, After using the app for just over a week now, I feel that I can freely use it and use it to its fullest potential. Haven't experienced any glitches or faults with the app, all has gone smoothly so far.

Ellen Gyasi

I am impressed by the idea of this app and utilizing the js link feature. Will be waiting for the next release, I suggest to make an optional feature under the apply tab to create a list instance of the targeted template.

Murad Abu Salma

I love the concept of this app, I couldn't believe the capability this app has given me to style and branding the sharepoint pages

Ray Kevin


Apptex Designer is a Free SharePoint Add-in, By get Professional or Ultimate support plans we will work with you to diagnose and correct the problem, whether it be the Apptex Designer itself or issues with your environment (SharePoint, Office 365).

In addition the support can also be used for help with custom modifications or new templates to the Apptex Designer.

$ 50  
  • Online Documentation & Community Support
  • Direct Support Hours
  • Support for one instance (1 SP site collection)
  • Replace Support Hours with Custom Templates
$ 6500 Yearly
  • Telephone, Email & Screen Sharing Support
  • 20 Support Hours
  • Support for one instance (1 SP site collection)
  • Replace Support Hours with Custom Templates
$ 11000 Yearly
  • Priority Telephone, Email & Screen Sharing Support
  • 45 Support Hours
  • Support for unlimited instances (Unlimited SP site collection)
  • Replace Support Hours with Custom Templates

All prices are in USD

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